Terms of Service
Rentmart is a computerized information service specializing in residential rental housing.  This contract
is good for
TWO months.  This contract is exclusive and valid for the client or clients listed below and
may not be loaned, resold, and is non-assignable and non-transferable to any other person or persons.  
Minor rental description changes must be approved by the management.  It is the responsibility of the
client to notify Rentmart and it's agents as soon as possible when they have secured a property.  
Rentmart will find one home per contract.  Abuses or misuses will terminate the contract.  In the event of
loss receipt, the original office must be notified in person and a copy will be issued, a $5.00 search and
copy fee will apply.  Should contract holder not be in touch for ten days, they must come in person to the
office for reinstatement.  Although Rentmart attempts regular contact with landlords, some may not be
available when we call, and changes or modifications on a property may happen without prior warning.  
Although Rentmart will update the information on a regular basis, no guarantee is made that the
properties are available when given to client.  Rentmart will use every available source, both public and
private, to obtain rental information on behalf of the client.  Securing the rental will be solely through the
efforts of the client and the landlord.  Rentmart does not inspect, appraise, nor show properties.  No
warranties expressed or implied other than stated herein are made.  Rentmart is not responsible for any
losses of any nature whatsoever.


E-MAIL SERVICE  $11.00 extra
To Receive Updates Of Listings

AT OUR OFFICE- Walk-ins are welcome, no appointment necessary.  Present policy and proper ID.

BY PHONE- Call listing department at (803)799-9413 and state policy number.

By E-MAIL- Call listing department at (803)799-9413, state policy number, and request listings to be
e-mailed to you.  If you have not already purchased the email service, there is a $11.00 fee.